Bat head is done!

I know, I know, I should be posting art and junk. I’ll show off the finished bat partial in a second, but firstly, me and my thoughts.
I want to start off with saying thank you and welcome to my 5 new watchers. I hope you’ll enjoy my page. You’re all beautiful.
Currently I’m in a steep rut of depression and slight mania brought on by the loss of months worth of art from my computer fucking up and deleting my main profile and everything on it. I have no idea how or why it did that. Like it just up and broke itself. I’m just trying to come to terms with that, but there was a lot of art that I hadn’t shared or uploaded anywhere cause stuff was not finished. I tried recovering things, but it was too late. It wiped itself every time I logged off. And now my computer keeps acting weird and crashes when I try to update it, so I need to take it in for repair or something… Cause its just so annoy… Maybe I can return it and get another or something. I rather want the Surface Pro 3. I heard they fixed a lot of hiccups.
Anyway. Next thing just for the sake of ranting…. I really want to not live in this place I am currently in. Its starting to give me a lot of anxiety and all over uneasiness. To the point where I feel sick. I really need my own place with my love, but its hard to find. And I need more commissions in que and stuff. I only have like one commission left on the list. So thats where the money stops.
Um… Also… This is kind of uncomfortable to say… The friend I live with is starting to make me more and more uneasy. Like the danger alarm in my head goes off a lot around him and its making me physically sick. I think my dumb sixth sense or what ever it is is picking up on emotional anxieties and intentions from him. I’m just kind of… Feeling sick all the time and I want out. He has a nasty habit of getting drunk when he wants to talk about heavy stuff and when he’s depressed and thats setting off red flags.
So… Yeah. Need commissions. Commissions equal new place where I don’t feel like vomiting my uneasy emotions.
Lastly, my little take on dumb stuff that people care about. Sensitivity. There’s a big discrepancy in what people think the world needs. No one is entirely right, but many are really wrong. The world needs both. Simple as that, however, each side needs to understand the other. Like, you know how you flinch when you realize you yelled “fuck” next to some strangers kid, but you don’t when its a teen/adult? There’s that semblance of sensitivity. Understanding what may be appropriate to say and how it comes off. I’ve had a lot of issue with this because I’ve become more aware of my surroundings. I’ve desensitized to certain things, but tuned in to others. For those people who just dgaf. Stop. Unless you want to cone off as an extreme dirt bag. I understand about not caring what others think, but that should only really apply to dumb things like “i dont care if you don’t like my outfit” and other stuff. You should at least care if people see you as a nice, approachable person. I know people like to have cold, stoic visages, and thats ok. But if you end up just being a piece of shit human being that just likes to spread the nasty all over, you’re making things worse. You need to care about things enough to understand them and at least understand how people may be try to come off via writing. This new day and age its become harder to understand people because we are not face to face. There are interaction ques we miss in writing. Everyones becoming socially stunted and its making for a darker tomorrow. We, as humans, have this innate problem where we create self fulfilling prophecies. We always focus on the wrong in the world and we make it worse for ourselves. We keep these images in the forefront of our minds and we scare ourselves into doing irrational things. Or it causes more of that. When ever theres a major shooting that goes up all over the news, shootings go up all over the country. And its really sad cause we don’t know how to cope with it. People joke, morn, spread the news all over. Its a vicious cycle.
Its ok to be sensitive to issues or to have a hard shell against it. Whats not ok is being a dick about it. Humans would survive so much better if everyone decided to try to understand each other.
I have a dumb story. So, someone asked an innocent question, person who answered got super offended because the question insinuated things about someones OC. Instead of being mature and saying “oh, hay, I find that kind of offensive that you think that, though I can understand where you’re coming from because its a common thing you see in life and stories” nope. They berated and ranted at the questioner. Wholly inappropriate. I, being dumbly protective of how people are treated when they didn’t mean to be offensive commented on it “that seemed mean. I think you should have toned it down. It was just a question.” And then said person turned on me like I was defending that questioned ideal or something when it really had nothing to do with that because no one uses context clues. I dumbly apologized, feeling fairly disheartened cause this person was an artist I looked up to. And I’ve been watching her fall for a while now and finally just stopped. Its really sickening… Art is my everything and just people asking questions about little things, mountains out of molehills …. Its so stupid.
That was an example of being oversensitive. Now for the other.
So every day of my life I’d listen to my dad play with my brothers and call them “girls” like its a bad thing. Finally I had enough and just said “can you stop it, it will end up having lasting psychological effects on how he sees women.”
Basically my dad responded with “mind your own business.” Which is dumb because thats my little brother and my family is my business. This became a lengthy debate where my dad ended up calling me an oversensitive libtard. That hurt. One, I am completely in the middle. Not siding worth shit. Two, my dads a childish, extremist republican. Also kind of racist and he’a in denial about that. He ranted about how I’m too sensitive (cause i care about what matters). I’m going to stop there just because you’ve probably already noticed the problem. Plus its an unhappy memory. My mom was trying not to get on his bad side, but I could tell she was sick of his shit too.

So, I’m bad with closing stuff, but basically this. Don’t be oversensitive to where everything offends out, and don’t be so desensitized where you don’t care who gets hurt. It’s bad on both sides. We need an equilibrium to for satisfied and happy. So stay happy and positive, and have a good day, evening, morning, where ever in the world you are. I’m just a stranger on the internet, but I care that you’re happy. Everyone deserves happiness.

Anyone want to make me some cheer up art… Since I don’t have any of my own art to love anymore….
Just like a little doodle of my baby Segrow… *sniff*

I don’t drink… Usually. Found myself sipping tequila and chasing it with a screwdriver of vanilla vodka and orange juice. All due to my computer deleting itself basically my hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work was destroyed.
My friend estimated the content to be about 7 shots… Maybe. But its been a few hours and the feeling has worn away. The moment of dumb glee is gone. Its kind of like losing a child but more so like a part of your soul…
And learning to accept the fact that nothing is trustworthy or sacred is just scarring. So many pictures I wanted to finish. I realized there for a moment that i could have recovered stuff, but by then it was all over written.
Now its hot and I have no art.. I feel empty and alone. What is my life is now missing a chunk. All that effort and love becoming nothing but a memory. A faint glimpse of an idea….

So this person is trying to make my friend look bad by basically abusing this head.
My friend Cobalt had this head up for sale. There were a few issues with how she labeled it as brand new, but should have been lightly used. But otherwise great condition. She had brought it to meets to see if anyone wanted to buy it and let people try it on. That was the extent. I believe it was snug on a 23in head. Had great ventilation and sight. The snout is a solid peice of carved foam and really shouldnt be bending that way.
The main issue here is when shipping off Cobalt forgot the balaclava so offered to send the buyer one. One of the seams popped when the buying put it on and Cobalt gave advise on how to fix it and offered to repair it if they sent it back. Cobaly even gave them a birthday discount.
This is the buyers first fursuit head, so they have no experience with fursuits. They complained about it and asked for a full refund while still in possession of the head. This was against Cobalts tos. “No refunds on premades ect..”
Cobalt responded emotionally and a bit poorly. She’s young and still learning. But the buyer reacted very immaturely as well.
I really liked this head and had planned to make a big brother version for fun, but this is just really disheartening and really undeserved.
Trying to be as unbiased as possible, but I am Cobalt’s friend, and I hate seeing her unhappy, and I absolutely hate people trying to make others look bad especially when its undeserved.

My computer just deleted my whole profile so everything I’ve ever made since I got this computer is now gone.
My comic I’ll need to restart making. All my animations, my references, commissions, everything is gone.
There was only like 5gb of space left on it then I went to check things tryin to get off a temp profile and found that there was like 36gb of space left.
I’m so pissed.

Drew some fan art of markiplier playing deep sleep and deeper sleep.
Marki is a beautiful human being. Dunno why, but his humor and what not just touchest the dried raisin that is my heart. ILU Mark.
I did a speedpaint and recorded it this morning. Just need to compile vids and blah and upload. Probably do that tomorrow. :3
Enjoy the higher res here

Drew some fan art of markiplier playing deep sleep and deeper sleep.

Marki is a beautiful human being. Dunno why, but his humor and what not just touchest the dried raisin that is my heart. ILU Mark.

I did a speedpaint and recorded it this morning. Just need to compile vids and blah and upload. Probably do that tomorrow. :3

Enjoy the higher res here

Now you see me… Now you don’t.
Got the zipper on last night.

So last night I got the last bit if fabric I was waiting on, so i started the suit. Drew out the patterns and went to bed. Woke up, cut out the patterns and pinned them. Now at school thinking about it.
I would have gotten most of this done last night but I had some heart to heart with a friend so progress was slow.
This is only the body suit. My friend is making the head, hands, feet, and tail.
Collab commish ~<3

Was bored and tired in class. Might continue it. might not. Who knows.

Was bored and tired in class. Might continue it. might not. Who knows.